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Eutelsat Group confirms end of operations on EUTELSAT 113 West A satellite

Eutelsat Group confirms that following an anomaly on its EUTELSAT 113 West A satellite which occurred on 31st January, it has ceased operations on the satellite.

Launched in 2006 and operating in inclined orbit at the 113° West position, EUTELSAT 113 West A (ex-Satmex 6) provided coverage of the Americas in C- and Ku-bands serving customers in video, data, and Government services on 18 operational transponders.

Mitigation actions are underway to minimize the disruption to customers impacted, including accelerated transfer to alternative capacity on our satellites located at the 115° and 117° West positions.

Eutelsat Group teams are deploying all possible efforts to mitigate the potential adverse consequences on orbital safety. Eutelsat Group reaffirms its commitment to a safe and sustainable space environment.

Approaching its end-of-life, the satellite is no longer part of the In Orbit Insurance policy. Before mitigation, the mechanical impact on revenues of the non-availability of the satellite is circa €3m in FY24 and €5-6m per annum for the period FY25-28. It does not alter our financial objectives for FY 2024.

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