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Eutelsat signs up to French #StOpE initiative against everyday sexism in the workplace

As part of the International Day against Sexism, Eutelsat has joined the #StOpE initiative which has already attracted more than 150 organisations, companies, associations, and leading academic institutions to combat "everyday" sexism in the workplace.

Eutelsat CEO Eva Berneke

Launched by Accor, EY and L'Oréal in December 2018 under the patronage of Elisabeth Moreno, French Minister for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, the #StOpE initiative calls for the endorsement of a pledge of action centred around eight pillars. All signatory businesses and organisations undertake to carry out at least one of the eight priority actions within their respective structures during the year and share their efforts and best practices.

By joining #StOpE, Eutelsat seeks to raise awareness among all employees to encourage them to identify and act against sexist behaviour in the workplace. In recent years, the Group has taken significant steps to foster gender diversity; more than 30 percent of the workforce is now made up of women, including at management level and the C-suite. Women accounted for almost half of new recruitments in 2021, while paternity leave has been extended to the Group's main locations. Educational activities to encourage scientific training for young girls are also taking place in partnership with specialised NGOs.

On signing the #StOpE initiative, Eutelsat CEO Eva Berneke commented: "Our Group's success is driven by the talented women and men who work together day-to-day at each of our locations. We pay close attention to enabling our employees to grow and make the most of their skills free of any kind of restraint, fear, or hurdle. By joining #StOpE, Eutelsat confirms its commitment to actively combatting sexist behaviour in the workplace."


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