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EVONA strengthens its leadership with addition of Nicole Robinson as Strategic Advisor

EVONA strengthens its leadership with addition of Nicole Robinson as Strategic Advisor

Renowned space industry professional Nicole Robinson joins EVONA’s Advisory Team, bolstering their strategic direction and expertise.

In a pivotal move, space industry’s leading talent insights provider EVONA warmly welcomes Nicole Robinson as their newest strategic advisor.

Robinson, a luminary in the space sector with an impressive track record spanning nearly two decades, brings an unparalleled depth of expertise across the public, private, government, and commercial space domains. Her addition to the EVONA team heralds an exciting phase of enhanced strategic direction and heightened commitment to inclusivity in the space industry.

Renowned across the space and satellite industry, Robinson has occupied numerous high-profile board and leadership positions. Among these, she has served as the President of the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI), the largest professional organization in the space and satellite sector. She also served as the President of URSA Space Systems, the leading provider in geospatial satellite intelligence and insights. Prior to this, Robinson ran the Global Government business for the world’s largest commercial satellite operator, SES, for more than 13 years.

Currently, Robinson holds the position of Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at Comtech Telecommunications Corp and is the founder of SSPI-WISE (Women in Space Engagement). SSPI-WISE is an organization focused on promoting women in the space industry, fostering STEM outreach, and establishing mentorship programs. Robinson's leadership has led to increased visibility and recognition for women in the sector, affirming their essential roles in the space and satellite industry.

"In Nicole Robinson, we find a partner who embodies our commitment to driving diversity and pushing the boundaries of innovation in the space industry," commented Tom Kelly, EVONA co-founder and CEO of EVONA USA. "Her track record of effective leadership, her expertise, and her unwavering commitment to elevating underrepresented groups make her an essential addition to our team. We believe that Nicole's involvement will greatly aid our mission to facilitate inclusivity and diversity, and we couldn't be more thrilled."

Robinson's appointment with EVONA perfectly aligns with the company's mission to lead the charge on diversity and inclusion in the space industry. EVONA has established itself as a champion of diversity and inclusion, spearheading initiatives like Project Inclusivity Drives Diversity (IDD). The recently launched IDD trilogy is a response to the urgent need for increased diversity in the space sector, offering pragmatic solutions to overcome these challenges.

This strategic partnership strengthens EVONA's resolve to address the sector's skewed representation, where the US STEM workforce is predominantly white and male, with only one in five identifying as female in the space sector and a mere 2% having a disability.

"What an opportunity to shine a light on the industry leading talent insights EVONA brings forward. An honor to serve as an advisor!", said Nicole.

The partnership between Robinson and EVONA symbolizes a shift towards a more inclusive future in the space sector. It lays the foundation for fostering a diverse talent pool that will drive innovation and growth. As EVONA and Robinson prepare for their collaborative journey, the message is clear: this partnership aims to enable all people to find their place in space and shape the sector for future generations.

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