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Exostar speeds digital transformation initiatives with the launch of the Exostar Platform

Exostar, the leader in trusted, secure business collaboration in the Defense Industrial Base, life sciences, and healthcare, today announced the introduction of the Exostar Platform. The Exostar Platform orchestrates multi-enterprise collaboration through rapid and robust onboarding; secure access to an ever-expanding suite of applications; end-to-end data protection, governance, and analytics; and an intuitive, single pane-of-glass dashboard that serves as the centerpiece for all activity within the enterprise and its global network of customers, partners, and suppliers.

As the fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, shifts into a higher gear in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, all companies become technology businesses, which makes digital transformation a top priority. Embracing new business models, enhancing customer engagement, and delivering new products and services means enterprises must share higher volumes of more complex information beyond boundaries, while simultaneously mitigating the risk of doing so. Organizations in highly-regulated industries must not only protect sensitive information and intellectual property, but also comply with a growing list of national security cybersecurity regimes such as ISO 27001, CMMC, NIST 800-171, and UK Cyber Essentials.

“We designed the Exostar Platform to support the intra- and inter-enterprise collaboration necessary to fully realize digital transformation. It delivers clear visibility across multiple applications and all associated data, allowing for greater operational agility, actionable business intelligence, and simplified multi-enterprise engagement and collaboration,” said Sudeep Dharan, Exostar’s Chief Technology Officer. “The Exostar Platform helps organizations achieve their critical transformation milestones without sacrificing speed, compliance, or security.”

Leveraging an existing and rapidly expanding community of vetted manufacturers, sponsors, distributors, providers, and other organizations and individuals in highly-regulated industries, the Exostar Platform features multiple modules that allow enterprises to more quickly and securely connect and interact with their partners and customers through streamlined application and information access and management:

  • Onboarding – Includes pre-defined and custom workflows to conduct the due diligence and capture the information necessary to determine if a prospective partner is fit for use, as well as to regularly execute the recertification process efficiently. Members of the Exostar community can share existing data and previously completed forms to reduce overhead and speed time to engage.

  • Secure Access – Ensures the right parties reach the right applications and data at the right times through identity proofing, credential issuance, multi-factor authentication, and enforcement of roles and permissions defined by asset owners.

  • Business Intelligence – Provides a single source of truth by correlating information across multiple data sources and delivering analytics and actionable insights through an expanded, configurable dashboard. Metrics, reporting, and communications include scorecards, order transactions, alerts and notifications, and forms and certifications.

  • Applications – Encompasses Exostar and third-party products that support business-critical processes such as research and development, production, and distribution. Includes sourcing and procurement, risk management, content collaboration, and supply chain management capabilities, with more on the horizon.

The architecture of the Exostar Platform empowers customers to pick and choose which modules best map to their priorities and objectives. Together, the Exostar Platform’s integrated modules allow businesses in highly-regulated industries to seamlessly, securely, and compliantly collaborate with their global networks of partners and customers, facilitating and promoting the digital transformation initiatives mandated by Industry 4.0. Enterprises can begin taking advantage of the Exostar Platform’s benefits today.


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