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Fairwinds announces new ground technology product at Satellite 2023

Fairwinds Technologies has launched Global Link, a multi-modem, antenna management system developed in-house.

Global Link provides a crucial advantage on the battlefield and was developed in response to the extensive range of radio frequency bands, satellites, orbits and ground equipment options. Global Link enables the warfighter to utilize whichever frequencies, equipment and satellites are available in the moment, and as conditions change.

Fairwinds Technologies’ new product allows any modem to be quickly routed to any antenna. Further, the system allows multiple small antennas to be combined to function as a single, larger antenna. Global Link also supports multiple simultaneous frequencies and connections over LEO, MEO and GEO satellites.

The immediate impacts of this new technology are realized in the form of high availability and resiliency as well as SWaP-C benefits realized from reduced bandwidth costs and the sustainment of fewer terminals.

Fairwinds’ Chief Technology Officer Tim Hillner explains, “Everything we do at Fairwinds is done with the end user in sight. We are excited to introduce Global Link to the military communications community and feel it has the potential to provide significant advantage on the battlefield.”

Chief Executive Officer Jim Sprungle adds, “I am tremendously proud of the team for today’s launch. Global Link fills a real need by allowing soldiers to quickly and easily take advantage of the multitude of communication options available today.”

Global Link is the first product developed in-house by Fairwinds Technologies. To request a product demonstration or additional information, please visit


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