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Fast growth and stellar team drive SpaceLink business strategy to develop game changing service

SpaceLink, a company that is redrawing the map of space connectivity, announced it continues to grow a highly accomplished team to implement its business strategy for a game changing satellite relay service. Following a previous announcement of its top executives, SpaceLink added seven more industry leaders to its team. They bring deep expertise in technical and business operations to drive forward the space relay service that provides secure, continuous, high-capacity service between LEO spacecraft and the ground.

Among the names that are familiar to many in the satellite and telecommunications industry, Dr. Larry Alder joins the team as Senior Vice President of Products & Services following more than a decade at Google and more recently several years as Chief Operating Officer at OneWeb. David Nemeth, who was previously at OneWeb, was named Senior Vice President of Systems Engineering, and Craig Moll, who was the Founder and President of PATHFINDER Space Advisors, is SpaceLink’s Vice President of Commercial Business Development.

Additional leaders joining the team include Lenny Low, who is the Vice President of Space Segment. Tom Leisgang is the new Vice President of Ground Segment. David Pattillo is now Vice President of Spectrum Management, and Doug Kotval is the company’s Vice President of Supplier Management.

“SpaceLink has attracted some of the industry’s top professionals who are inspired by our business strategy and the opportunity to contribute to this game changing data relay service,” said David Bettinger, Chief Executive Officer at SpaceLink. “We’ve put together a dream team with the perfect blend of backgrounds and experience to drive our vision forward. Demand for fast access to data in near Earth orbit will continue to grow and SpaceLink will be ready with the capacity needed to serve next-generation systems.”