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First satellite filing for IceSat and the Electronic Communications Office of Iceland

IceSat and the Electronic Communications Office of Iceland (ECOI) have achieved an historic first satellite filing for the country.

IceSat Viking Ship

An integral part of the Isle of Man-based ManSat Group, IceSat ehf was formed in 2019 to work under contract with the ECOI to carry out satellite filing to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The ECOI announced its first filing of electronic communications frequencies for satellite systems on behalf of Lunasonde ehf. Lunasonde will use radar technology to map the location of groundwater, minerals, and other geological resources to assist in monitoring and preserving resources for humanity, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Their system could also be used to predict natural hazards, such as magma accumulation below the Earth’s surface.

Katherine Gizinski, CEO of ManSat and IceSat, said: “We commend the Icelandic Government for its excellent work in reaching this milestone, an exciting step in cultivating Iceland’s space economy. It would not have been possible without the hard work from the Electronic Communications Office of Iceland in establishing diligent and supportive space regulation and policies.

“The agreement two years ago to work with the ECOI was a significant move both for Iceland and the satellite industry as a whole. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to support Iceland, its space sector, and the broader industry ecosystem by fulfilling our role. The ECOI carried out an extensive two-year research period before choosing us as its partner and we are proud that the country’s first satellite filing has been achieved by superb teamwork from all involved.”

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