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FREQUENTIS renews military radar data network of the German Armed Forces

The development of MilRADNET began in 2004 and was conceived as a pioneering solution for the exchange and distribution of military flight surveillance and flight plan data. The new contract represents an important milestone in the long-standing partnership between Bundeswehr and Frequentis.


MilRADNET was the first military radar data network in Germany. In the latest project, SDDS-NG (Surveillance Data Distribution System - Next Generation) will replace the predecessor system. This transition is an important step that will further improve the performance and effectiveness of surveillance data processing. In addition, the stability and scalability requirements resulting from new technologies and additional usage units for flight surveillance data can be met efficiently.


"MilRADNET's journey reflects our tireless efforts to keep military communication and networking at the highest level. The continuation of the MilRADNET project is a milestone in our long-standing cooperation. It underlines our determination to always provide first-class solutions for the Bundeswehr based on continuous development and innovation," emphasises Constantin von Reden, Managing Director of Frequentis Comsoft GmbH.


With the renewal of the network, the Bundeswehr will have a first-class sensor network by global standards, enabling it to monitor German airspace even more efficiently. As a nationwide sensor network with high scalability, MilRADNET also makes a significant contribution to pan-European air defence.


"MilRADNET is a core element for processing the air situation picture by combining military and civilian radar sensor data from aircraft, missiles, and flying objects and making it available for specific air force applications with its evaluation and management functions. With the obsolescence elimination now underway, we are making MilRADNET future-proof for the surveillance of German airspace," adds Holger Pietsch, Lieutenant Colonel in the Bundeswehr.

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