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From 0 to 15 mrad - Precise Mirror Positioning in Space

piezosystem jena, a leader in piezo-technology research, design and manufacturing, today announced a new product solution aimed largely for the aerospace industry. Adding to the existing product line of tip-tilt systems, the new PSH 40 is the newest iteration of solutions for satellites and other space vehicles.

Many aerospace applications still rely upon radio-frequency communications. Newer laser communications technology is becoming widely implemented and offers significantly more speed, higher bandwidth and more secure communications. One of the crucial components that makes this communication possible is the fast-steering mirror that directs laser beams for intersatellite communication.

Stefan Gotz, piezosystem jena COO, commented that, “Several years ago we worked with MIT (Cambridge, Massachusetts) who in collaboration with NASA used our piezo technology to align a laser with a satellite orbiting the moon. Since that time we have continued working in defense and aerospace applications, and we look forward to attending the Satellite 2022 in Washington DC, March 21-24, 2022.”

About piezosystem jena: With more than 30 years of experience, piezosystem jena is a worldwide developer and manufacturer of incredibly precise piezo products. As a privately owned cooperation there is a strong focus on creating customized solutions for industrial and research applications. Working together with leading OEMs in the fields of semiconductors, aerospace, photonics, metrology and the automotive industry, piezosystem jena has developed systems that can achieve extreme levels of precision, high force generation and stable high-frequency movements.


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