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From fin tech to space tech - Satellite Vu welcomes Alan Bettridge as Chief Commercial Officer

Satellite Vu, the UK space and climate tech company, has appointed Alan Bettridge as their Chief Commercial Officer.

Alan Bettridge, Chief Commercial Officer

Founded to bring satellite tech to global challenges, Satellite Vu have created a unique technology that can capture the temperature data of any structure on the planet in near real-time to determine valuable insights into economic activity, energy efficiency and carbon footprint; enabling business and government to make decisions based on evidence and measurement.

This hire follows the companies announcement of their £81M Early Access Programme, which highlights the clear need for their unique heat mapping technologies across a range of industries.

Bettridge has a wealth of experience serving the financial services industry with data and insights, most recently delivering the next generation of ESG and climate intelligence. He'll head up Satellite Vu’s development and commercial strategies, helping to drive their Early Access Option Programme and fuel the company’s growth overseas.

Satellite Vu’s high-resolution technology offers a new way to analyse activity, detect changes and anomalies. As well as images, Satellite Vu will provide 60-second videos, which enables the visualisation of dynamic changes over time and build up of a pattern of life.

This technology unlocks new levels of insight when it comes to ESG, and will allow companies to monitor, report and action in a transparent and accurate manner. It also enables the verification of green (ESG) investments in the supply chain - currently worth £3tn.

Alan Bettridge, Chief Commercial Officer for Satellite Vu, said: “I’m excited to join Satellite Vu’s journey to deliver cutting-edge climate technology to businesses across the world, helping to lead Net Zero efforts, asset monitoring, and a plethora of other innovative applications. Climate change is a global issue and I’m looking forward to helping Satellite Vu with the rollout of their Early Access Programme to bring the benefits of thermal space data to global markets.”

Anthony Baker, Co-Founder and CEO of Satellite Vu, said: “Satellite Vu is at an exciting stage in its growth cycle, expanding to overseas markets with customers in the US, APAC, and EMEA, so we are delighted to welcome Alan on board to help expand and manage our global reach. Alan brings enormous experience in the financial and technology sectors and will play a vital role in shaping our business development and commercial strategies.”

As they continue to expand, Satellite Vu is on track to be the first-to-market with a space-based solution that will offer the capabilities that the government and commercial sector require to take action on the environmental impact our modern life is making on our planet.


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