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G-Core Labs has launched a new cloud location in Warsaw

G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions, has strengthened its global infrastructure by launching a new cloud point-of-presence (PoP) in Warsaw. The virtual machines and isolated bare metal servers are secured in Tier IV/III data centers and use Intel SGX encryption technology making it easier for companies to comply with GDPR requirements and ensure the safety of sensitive data.

Together with the server clusters in Paris, Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, it makes it easier for customers from all over the world to work across the European markets.

"The cloud PoP in Warsaw is an important part of G-Core Labs’ European infrastructure offering. Users can now launch dedicated servers and virtual machines in the region within a matter of minutes. Our bare metal servers are particularly important for the European market, and allow companies to solve not only performance issues but also data security and compliance concerns”, said Seva Vayner, Director of Edge cloud stream at G-Core Labs.

He added, “We’ve combined Intel SGX encryption technology, DDoS Protection and Web Application Firewall solutions, keeping security front of mind, and also an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform underpinned by Intel Xeon Gen 3 processors.”

S.Vayner, G-Core Labs head of cloud platforms

G-Core Labs’ Artificial intelligence (AI) platform is powered by next-gen IPUs and CPUs by Intel and Graphcore, which are 2 times more powerful than well-known international competitors. The ready-to-use platform accelerates full-cycle machine learning (ML) of any complexity and makes it cheaper for businesses by per-minute billing. Furthermore, its cloud service ecosystem allows G-Core Labs to solve another problem that clients often face with: a lack of convenience when managing the fragmentary infrastructure of dedicated servers, virtual machines and cloud services provided by different companies.

Outside of Warsaw, G-Core Labs’ public clouds are available in 20+ other locations, including Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, Johannesburg, Manassas (USA), Santa Clara (USA) etc. Within its international infrastructure, the company is continuously increasing its capacities in Europe. New cloud locations in Warsaw and Frankfurt, which was launched a few months ago in October 2021, became a part of G-Core Labs’ global expansion strategy for running over 40 extra cloud points of presence worldwide.


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