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G-Core Labs has launched a startup support program with grants up to $25,000

G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions, has launched a support program for promising IT startups. Program participants will get infrastructure grants worth up to $25,000. With these funds, startups will be able to pay for the company's cloud services.

Dmitry Samoshkin, Vice President of products, G-Core Labs

Developers of online services, web applications and games can apply to participate in the program. Selected startups will receive grants of $1,000, $7,500 or $25,000 depending on the size of the company. With these funds, they will be able to pay for G-Core Labs services for two years, including CDN, streaming platform, DDoS protection, as well as a set of cloud services, including virtual machines with a built-in load balancer, bare metal servers, AI platform, disaster recovery services etc.

“We offer a ready-for-any-load global content delivery network that is integrated with cloud object storage and an advanced streaming platform for OTT streaming and video-on-demand delivery; full-fledged cloud infrastructure operating within the IaaS and PaaS models; dedicated and virtual servers located on all continents, as well as highly effective protection against DDoS attacks and fraudulent activities, based on the unique intelligent traffic filtering technology”, - comments Dmitry Samoshkin, G-Core Labs vice president of products.

All solutions are managed from a single personal account with an intuitive interface. Connection of such services will provide program participants with a minimum response time around the world (up to 30 ms), as well as readiness for peak loads. G-Core Labs' server infrastructure is located in reliable Tier IV and III data centers in 100+ points of presence in 75 cities around the world. Also, startups will get assistance in migration and free consultations of engineers and architects of G-Core Labs.

Products already launched with first clients can receive a grant. Among the promising areas of activity, representatives of G-Core Labs note FinTech, E-Commerce, E-Health, Telecommunications, Professional & Support services, Educational & HR services, Lifestyle, E-Marketing & E-Advertising. To receive a grant, the company team should combine technical and marketing skills, as well as have experience in implementing a startup.