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G-Core launches simple, per-minute, video streaming for up to 100 million viewers

Gcore, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions, introduces new, per-minute billing for its Streaming Platform. With the arrival of the simplified pricing plan starting from $0.001 per minute, startups and small businesses from a wide range of sectors — such as fintech, online education, entertainment, events, e-commerce and video gaming — can deliver streaming services to end users with more predictable costs, and outstanding performance.

Alexey Petrovskih, Head of Gcore’s Streaming Platform

Streaming online content on a global basis means solving a number of technical difficulties — these include ensuring sufficient scalability to handle high traffic volumes and deliver smooth streaming, and maintaining high-quality video and audio streaming across a variety of devices and connections. Customers of the Gcore Streaming Platform benefit from the company’s long experience in tackling these challenges as an established provider of Content Delivery Network and streaming infrastructure services.

The simplified billing supports video streaming for up to 100 million viewers, with Gcore’s Streaming Platform managing all technical stages — for instance, upload, recording, storage, delivery via CDN and playback.

Alexey Petrovskih, Head of Gcore’s Streaming Platform, said: "The Gcore Streaming Platform offers free transcoding and a video streaming price as low as $0.001 per minute. This is possible thanks to several Gcore capabilities: first, we have our own infrastructure, including storage for video hosting and a CDN with over 150 points of presence; second, Gcore has its own transcoding technology, which means that, unlike competitors, we don’t have to pay for third-party services."

The Gcore Streaming Platform supports low-latency streaming, live broadcasting of vertical and horizontal videos worldwide. Its adaptive bitrate means that even viewers with unstable internet connections can enjoy streaming broadcasts. Would-be customers can test Streaming Platform for free, and Gcore has provided a user-friendly, pricing calculator so that they can compare ongoing costs with rival services.


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