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Germany signs a statement of intent to join CAVS 6x6 vehicle programme

Germany has signed a statement of intent to join the Finnish-led, Common Armoured Vehicle System, CAVS programme. The official joining agreement is due to be signed before the end of 2022. Germany will be the fifth country to join the first stage of the multinational cooperation. Finland, Latvia and Estonia entered into the programme in 2019 and Sweden in 2021. Patria as the chosen provider of 6x6 vehicle platform is responsible for system development within CAVS.

The joint programme is open to other countries sharing similar requirements with the mutual consent of the participating countries. Within the CAVS programme Latvia has ordered more than 200 personnel carrier armoured vehicles in August 2021, of which Patria has delivered already over a dozen. Finland signed a letter of intent in August 2021 for 160 new personnel vehicle carriers and pre-series deliveries for Finland take place in June. Sweden signed an R&D agreement earlier this month for the research and product development phase.

“Patria 6x6 is a modular solution that can cover a wide range of needs. The interest from Germany towards the CAVS programme is yet another proof of a great concept. Having new parties involved in the programme benefits everybody in the form of improved mobility and maintenance capacity as well as increased cost-effectiveness” says Hugo Vanbockryck, Head of Market Area Europe at Patria.


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