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Gilat enables TIM Brasil to be first network operator with coverage to 100% of Brazilian cities

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions, and services, announced today that the company enabled TIM Brasil, a Tier-1 Mobile Network Operator (MNO), to be the first MNO to provide mobile coverage to all 5,570 cities in Brazil.

TIM Brasil’s coverage of 12 million hectares for the agrobusiness is largely possible due to Gilat’s cellular backhaul over satellite solution. The successful execution included timely remote installations by the Gilat team to ensure that 100% of Brazil’s cities have mobile network access provided by TIM Brasil, mostly being 4G, and thus turning the company into the largest mobile network in the country.

“TIM Brasil is the only MNO in the nation to cover all of Brazil’s municipalities. We are extremely proud of this achievement, a major step forward in digital inclusion and in fostering economic and human development,” said Marco Di Costanzo, Network Director at TIM Brasil.” Reaching this goal wouldn’t have been possible without the strong and continuous support of the entire Gilat team, working closely with us to connect sites in the most remote regions of the country.”

“We are very happy to support TIM Brasil in accomplishing this impressive objective, which represents a great start to 2023,” said Michal Aharonov, Chief Commercial Officer at Gilat. “Gilat’s industry-leading technology enables TIM to extend their presence from urban centres to the countryside. We are proud to partner with TIM in this important journey to bridge the digital divide with 4G access across the country.”


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