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Gilat signs strategic agreement estimated at over US$5 million with Pacific Dataport

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services, signed a strategic agreement estimated at over US$5 million with Pacific Dataport Inc. (PDI) for delivery of ubiquitous broadband coverage in Alaska. Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c, multi-service platform, will support the goal of PDI’s Aurora Network to deliver a wide range of applications to the population of Alaska.

PDI intends to provide a true multiservice network that will serve the Alaska market with both fixed and mobility applications. The targeted fixed applications range from direct-to-home broadband service to consumers, to an assortment of enterprise applications such as backup and full-time IP data services for businesses, organizations, schools, libraries, and government. The planned mobility applications include cruise ships, fishing boats and commercial aviation.

The reliability, efficiency and features of Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c ground segment provide exciting and new opportunities for Pacific Dataport to customize applications throughout PDI’s Aurora Ka-band Network. Gilat’s platform is designed to support a wide range of vertical segments with terminals optimized for the best efficiency and performance per required application, such as broadband, enterprise, cellular backhaul, and high-speed mobility.

“After months of careful consideration and assessment of platforms on the market, Pacific Dataport selected Gilat due to its technological advancements, proven performance and global experience,” said PDI’s VP of engineering, Shawn Fitzpatrick. “We chose to work with Gilat’s team of worldwide experts in leading-edge, high-performance satellite networking technology and equipment, and are confident that the SkyEdge II-c platform will meet our flexible application requirements.”

“Gilat and PDI share a common vision of providing high-quality broadband connectivity for the benefit of all and as such we greatly appreciate Pacific Dataport’s confidence in Gilat and its technology,” said Michal Aharonov, Senior Vice President Global Broadband Networks at Gilat. “Our multi-service platform is ideally suited to meet Aurora Network’s mission to create more business opportunities and improve the quality of life in the region, and we look forward to supporting its work and success in the region, as a trusted and reliable partner.”


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