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Gilat unveils cloud and 5G NTN evolution strategy for SkyEdge IV

Gilat Satellite Networks announced its Cloud and 5G NTN evolution strategy to support Satellite Operators and service providers.

“The satellite communications industry is moving towards digital transformation with the impending shift to Cloud and 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN). This evolution promises standard ubiquitous connectivity across terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks, a multi-vendor open ecosystem for the satcom industry, and new revenue streams from new use cases,” said Hagay Katz, Chief Product and Marketing Officer.  “As we embark on this exciting journey, it’s crucial to focus on efficiency, adaptability, and strategic evolution. Here at Gilat, we have analyzed the key considerations for a seamless evolution to Cloud, 5G NTN and digital interfaces (DIFI), allowing harmonious integration, the preservation of current investments and ensuring business operations as well as continuous technology advancement in line with evolving standards.”

“Based on our findings, we have designed our next-generation SkyEdge IV platform to enable the smoothest transition to 5G NTN, said Dubi Lever, Chief Technology Officer. “The platform already supports multi-orbit operation and VHTS and enables steady evolution to Cloud and 5G NTN”.

Gilat is participating in Satellite Show 2024 this week in Washington DC.  Participants are invited to visit the Gilat Booth #2511 or to schedule a meeting by contacting

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