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Gilat wins multi-million dollar US Army award for high performance BUCs for tactical communications

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services, announced today a multi-million-dollar award by the US Army to supply high-performance BUCs for tactical communications. Gilat’s fully owned subsidiary, Wavestream, to supply additional 50W Ka-band BUCs for program sustainment that is well into its second decade.

Wavestream’s Matchbox 50Ka MIL was originally fielded by the US Army in WIN-T Increment 1 as early as 2007 and is still active in service today. With over 5,000 amplifiers shipped to date, this is easily the largest deployment of high performance Ka-band BUCs supporting Comms-on-the-Quick-Halt (COTQH) tactical communications around the world.

“We are honored that Wavestream can continue supporting the US Army’s communications requirements,” said Bob Huffman, Wavestream’s General Manager. “The longevity of this program, and the part that Wavestream Ka-band BUCs play in sustaining these services, is a testament to the long term value of solid-state solutions in the most demanding environments.”


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