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GlobalSat Group partners with Rivada to bring The OuterNETtm to Latin America

Globalsat Group is partnering with Rivada Space Networks to provide access to a unique next-generation data network for customers in the energy, government, NGO, agriculture, utilities and transportation sectors throughout the Americas and beyond.

Globalsat is an industry leader in mobile and other satellite services providing specialized voice, data, M2M/IoT, software, and hardware throughout the Americas since 1999. Most customers use these services where life or infrastructure are at stake or exceptional circumstances when or where other connectivity networks cannot operate reliably or at all.

The increasing demand for resilient connectivity is fast outpacing the current infrastructure used to carry it in terms of latency, bandwidth, speed and security.

Rivada’s global low-latency point-to-point connectivity network of 600 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, the “OuterNETTM” is a unique next-generation architecture combing inter-satellite laser links with advanced onboard processing that provide unique routing and switching capabilities to create an optical mesh network in space. This approach to “orbital networking,” in which data stays in space from origin to destination, creates an ultra-secure satellite network with global coverage, offering end-to-end latencies much lower than terrestrial fiber over similar long distances. And by routing traffic on a physically separated network, it provides a layer of defense for any organization that needs to securely share data over a large distribution of sites.

Globalsat Group will add Rivada’s OuterNETTM seamless connectivity to its diverse roster of mission-critical solutions, as an option to ramp up performance and increase customer efficiency. This connectivity is particularly well suited to remote geographic installation use cases requiring real-time applications and monitoring regardless of location, when high bandwidth, reduced latency and improved security are required.

“Globalsat CEO, Alberto Palacios, said: “Rivada’s OuterNETTM will deliver ultra-secure and reliable connectivity anywhere in the world and is particularly relevant for business and government operations within our footprint. We are very excited with this partnership, which will allow our current and future customers to access the enormous improvements this unique LEO constellation will provide over legacy infrastructure, as we strive to develop new technologies and services that enhance our customers’ experience and improve their ability to operate in remote and challenging environments.”

Declan Ganley, CEO, Rivada Space Networks, said: “We are delighted to be working with such an innovative company as Globalsat and honored to be chosen as their enterprise grade LEO operator for Latin America. The OuterNETTM, a completely new type of LEO constellation, allows satellites to go beyond their traditional role of ‘gap-filler’ and this fully inter-connected space network, independent of terrestrial infrastructure, is rapidly becoming the network of choice for resilient and secure communications.”

Rivada’s OuterNETTM will solve essential connectivity and challenges and open up new opportunities for business communications globally. The first satellite launch is set for 2025, with global service starting in 2026.

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