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Globalstar introduces GSatSolar to its industrial IoT asset tracking portfolio

Globalstar announced that it has added GSatSolar™ to its portfolio of industrial IoT asset tracking solutions. Offered in partnership with Global Satellite Engineering (GSE), the small, rugged, low-cost tracking device enables VARs and customers to maximize the value of their tracking software tools by increasing the number of trackable assets in near-real time.

Ideal for remote IoT operations, the satellite powered device allows for a greater number of trackable assets, providing more reliable usable data in the field, improving efficiency, and allowing for true remote IoT autonomous data collection.

“GSatSolar is a low-cost option to monitor assets remotely on the Globalstar LEO network and delivers a plethora of verified IoT data across IoT applications,” said Jake Rembert, vice president of sales at Globalstar. “The GSatSolar is a versatile solution that expands our satellite tracking capabilities. As with all our IoT asset tracking solutions, it features low power, long life and is equipped to perform.”

GSatSolar is highly durable, heat and cold resistant, and minimally invasive regarding antenna performance. Its compact size makes it viable with several flexible mounting options to fit needs across various enterprise industrial applications. GSatSolar is also suitable for animal tracking, including monitoring of livestock and of wildlife for conservation purposes. With its solar panel and internal battery, a standard unit reports for years assuming an environment with regular sun exposure.

Data collection capabilities include location, accelerometer, and Bluetooth sensor options, with the option of having data forwarded either to Globalstar’s SPOT My Globalstar data management and mapping platform — with features such as live and historical tracking on demand, alerts, geofences and shared views—or directly to a VAR’s back office or customer endpoint.

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