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Ground Control introduces world’s lightest and most power-efficient Iridium Certus 100 devices


Satellite and cellular connectivity specialists, Ground Control, has launched two small form-factor devices that can be used across multiple industries which require tracking and remote monitoring, both with ultra-low energy consumption.

British-owned Ground Control, which operates out of both the UK and US, claims the RockREMOTE Mini is the smallest and lightest Certus 100 IoT device in the market. Its sister product, the RockREMOTE Mini OEM, is a lightweight subassembly which can be easily embedded into a new product or remote IoT solution.

RockREMOTE Mini has already been signed up by sections of the heavy machinery industry market to transmit telemetry from autonomous machinery and remote generators. Its broad spectrum of capabilities is now supporting M2M (machine-to-machine), tracking, telemetry, remote monitoring, and SCADA applications. This supports more effective predictive maintenance as well as being a failover method for controlling devices for tracking and remote monitoring in applications such as forestry, wind farms, mining and agriculture.


Designed to save space, economise on power usage, and make satellite IoT data transfer more cost-effective, it provides networking and data transfer within a highly compact unit. With its rugged, IP67 waterproof casing, versatile interface options, all underpinned by Iridium’s Certus 100 and Iridium Messaging Transport (IMT) services, RockREMOTE Mini provides everything for global, midband data connectivity.

The RockREMOTE Mini OEM, designed to fit into current configurations already in service, likewise transmits IoT data using the Iridium Certus 100 service via TCP/IP or IMT.

Alastair MacLeod, CEO for Ground Control, said: “We are confident the Mini is the smallest, lightest most 'complete' Certus 100 IoT device, and the OEM version the only PCB variant available in the market today. We anticipate strong demand from a wide range of IoT applications, such as tracking and remote monitoring across the energy and utilities sectors, and beyond.

“Our aim was to keep the power consumption very low, a critical factor in remote environments. I’m delighted that we have had such positive early feedback from our customers, who are looking to realise the benefits across a wide range of industries and applications.”

RockREMOTE Mini offers IP data speeds of 22 / 28Kbps. Measuring just 182mm x 74.5mm x 53mm, it’s smaller and lighter than other competitive satellite IP devices, saving crucial design space, and fits in where it’s needed to.

Further information, including full data sheets can be found here RockREMOTE Mini and here RockREMOTE Mini OEM.


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