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Hanwha Phasor announces strategic partnership with Kontron

Hanwha Phasor announces strategic partnership with Kontron

Hanwha Phasor has announced a new strategic partnership with Kontron, a German-based multinational company which designs and manufactures embedded computer modules, boards and systems. The agreement, expected to be worth tens of millions of GBP over the next 10 years, will see Kontron provide a key power component to ensure the viability of the Phasor A7700 user terminal, an Active Electronically Steered Antenna for satellite communications designed for the commercial and military aerospace market.

Kontron has been contracted to design and develop a KPSU (Ku/Ka-band Power Supply Unit), compatible with ARINC 792, to power Hanwha Phasor’s multi-orbit active electronically steered antenna – the Phasor A7700. The primary purpose of the KPSU is to convert the aircraft's 3-phase AC power supply to a steady, regulated DC-supply for the Antenna system. The KPSU also provides hold-up functionality to allow uninterrupted antenna operation in the event of a short brown-out to the main aircraft supply bus.

The design and development of the KPSU is a vital step for the Phasor A7700 which is expected to come to market in late 2025. With the KPSU development underway, it allows Hanwha Phasor to continue into the final airworthiness accreditation with authorities in the EU and US.

Kontron has experienced remarkable growth over the last 10 years, consistently expanding its presence as a leading multinational technology group. Its solutions span a wide range of applications and markets, including ground station telecommunications, 5G mobile private networks and aviation. Leveraging its expertise in smart IoT solutions, Kontron has solidified its position in the aviation industry delivering In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFE&C) solutions to airlines worldwide. The company is listed on the SDAX® of the German Stock Exchange and boasts a diverse clientele of over 3,000 customers globally. With operations spanning across 32 countries, Kontron's long-standing customer relationships underscore its commitment to innovation and excellence in aviation technology.

The announcement follows the business’ recent expansion to its strategic partnership with Lufthansa Technik. The agreement will see the Phasor A7700 go through its European Aviation Safety Agency Supplementary Type Certificates, followed by a similar process for the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States. 

Dominic Philpott, Chief Operating Officer at Hanwha Phasor stated: “This partnership is another exciting progression for Hanwha Phasor. With Kontron, we are now able to provide a steady power source to the Phasor A7700 and guarantee continued work even if the electrical supply is cut to the user terminal. We look forward to working with Kontron to enhance our offering to customers and progress to the Phasor A7700’s final flight tests.”

Jason Larocque, CEO of Kontron Canada said: “Our alliance with Hanwha Phasor on this initial KPSU solution embodies innovation, reliability, and a shared commitment in revolutionizing the future of connectivity in flight, on land and at sea. We see this as a first step towards supporting Hanwha across multiple markets and deepening our partnership to support the ever increasing number of opportunities for connectivity. We are honoured to partner with Hanwha Phasor to foster a new era of multi-orbit connectivity and unparalleled performance.“


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