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HawkEye 360 transitions to AWS GovCloud to better support government customers

HawkEye 360 Inc., a leading commercial provider of space-based radio frequency (RF) data and analytics, today announced the transition from Amazon Web Services (AWS) commercial services to AWS GovCloud (US) as a foundational element of their overall approach to protecting sensitive and controlled data. AWS GovCloud (US) is designed to host sensitive data, regulate workloads, and address stringent US government security and compliance requirements.

“Our AWS GovCloud (US) migration is a significant milestone for HawkEye 360. The move to AWS GovCloud (US) facilitates the development and delivery of export-controlled products and services and demonstrates to our customers the security and integrity of our data and analytics,” said HawkEye 360 Vice President of Engineering, Chris Gregory.

AWS GovCloud (US) is FedRAMP compliant and provides a robust platform for HawkEye 360 to develop and deliver products as well as streamlines the assessment process that demonstrates to the US government that HawkEye 360 is meeting the applicable requirements of the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), as well as the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Level 2 and NIST-800-171.

“AWS GovCloud (US) provides us with access to ITAR-compliant services that have had a positive impact on our data storage and analytics architecture by making data more shareable and discoverable both across teams and with our government customers,” said HawkEye 360 Chief Data Scientist, Kate Zimmerman. “Since migrating our data, we have been able to accelerate our development of sophisticated RF analytics that can help defense and intelligence customers detect and maintain a chain of custody over dark maritime vessels potentially participating in nefarious activity.

HawkEye 360 also developed a data lake architecture that uses AWS GovCloud (US) to streamline data discovery and mining through a common data catalog. HawkEye 360’s data lake allows advanced data fusion between multiple datasets to better identify dark maritime vessels by leveraging multiple data sources, which is a breakthrough in the realm of RF-based analytics. With the addition of these analytics, HawkEye 360 will not only detect when a vessel stops reporting its position from standard systems such as Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), but will also show the likely path a vessel travels while it is “dark” solely based on the RF detections of the radars in which vessel operates.

By enhancing dark ship detection, HawkEye 360’s products can help governments more easily analyze illicit activities such as illegal fishing, smuggling, human trafficking, and more.

HawkEye 360 is giving a sneak peek of these capabilities during a presentation at AWS re:Invent 2022 in Las Vegas on Thursday, December 1 from 2-3 p.m. PST.


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