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HTS growth pushes VSAT and broadband satellite market to require 15Tbps of capacity by 2030

NSR’s newly released 'VSAT and Broadband Satellite Market, 20th Edition (VBSM20)' finds HTS, a major market growth factor, moving the segment from 800Gbps in 2020 demand to 15Tbps in 2030. The market will hit cumulative revenues of US$135.3 billion over the next decade, with a significant demand in evolving Consumer Broadband and Social Inclusion segment leading opportunities. "The industry is witnessing growing calls for increased bandwidth as end-users infuse digitization, multiple social inclusion programs add new sites, and demand for Value Added Services such as Cloud or SD-WAN increase," notes report author Vivek Suresh Prasad. “These basic components lay the groundwork for a strong VSAT market in the long-term, though near-term challenges do continue to slow market the growth pace, with mixed trends visible across applications and regions,” adds Prasad. Retail/Hospitality and Banking segments witness challenges in NAM & EU regions due to terrestrial competition and market saturation, while higher demand for upgrades remains in emerging regions. Capacity supply constraints also slow overall growth in the segment as the industry awaits upcoming capacity in LEO and GEO to capture opportunity.

“It will be of utmost importance for service providers to precisely balance pricing and cost, by offering innovative business models and capturing government subsidies,” concluded Prasad. “With a total addressable market of 448 million households, pricing is key to advancing capture rates for consumer broadband.”


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