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HughesNet celebrates five years in Brazil, expands digital inclusion across the country

Hughes do Brasil, a subsidiary of Hughes Network Systems LCC (HUGHES), today celebrates the five-year anniversary of HughesNet®, the company’s flagship, high-speed satellite Internet service. Reaching more than 5,000 municipalities across Brazil, HughesNet brings broadband access to consumers and small enterprises in the most remote and rural parts of the country – especially in places un-served by land-based Internet providers. For approximately 67 percent of subscribers, HughesNet represents their first on-premise Internet service, expanding digital inclusion across Brazil.

“Hughes has a long and proud history of bringing the benefits of satellite connectivity to enterprises, government, and now consumers, across Brazil,” said Pradman Kaul, president and CEO, Hughes. “This anniversary reflects our ongoing commitment to the country, as an Internet service provider, a managed network services partner and an employer, helping to power a connected future.”

“Today, HughesNet connects rural residents, family farmers, small producers, cooperatives, riverside schools and many others,” said Rafael Guimarães, president of Hughes do Brasil. “These are people who have been overlooked by other Internet providers; they may not even have a cell phone signal, not to mention streets or roads. We employ a robust network of partners throughout Brazil who understand the demands of local customers in their regions and join us in expanding HughesNet to connect the unconnected.”

Originating in the U.S., Hughes has been in the country since 1968 serving the business market and was responsible for the sale of the first Brazilian telecommunications satellite. The launch of HughesNet in 2016 marked the company’s entry into the consumer market.

“The enterprise segment was already fully consolidated and brought us the necessary expertise to launch the HughesNet service in the country. Since then, we have expanded coverage with another satellite and consolidated a joint venture with Yahsat, reinforcing investments in Brazil,” emphasizes Guimarães.

New satellite

Hughes continues to invest in the connected future with new technology and services. The company is building a new ultra-high density satellite, called JUPITER™ 3, which will reinforce coverage and increase capacity over Brazil. It is expected to launch in the second half of 2022. “We have an optimistic vision for the satellite communication market in Brazil. We are not here just passing through,” said Guimarães.

JUPITER 3 will be the fourth Hughes satellite serving Brazil, joining Hughes 65 West, Hughes 63 West and Hughes 20 West, the newest payload to join the fleet as part of the joint venture with Yahsat.

“Mundo do Campo” (Countryside World)

HughesNet has been recognized widely as a champion of small farmers, rural producers and Brazilian agribusiness. In the interior of Paraná, for example, HughesNet helped Rancho Mainardes Jersey revolutionize herd management with a new monitoring system. In another example, on the top of Serra da Mantiqueira, in Minas Gerais, HughesNet made it possible for the Do Pé ao Pote farm, a producer of organic sweets, to export to the United States.

To celebrate five years of operation together with this audience, HughesNet has launched an online platform designed to increase the visibility of those who live, plant and produce in the field. Called 'Mundo do Campo,' the site enables small rural producers and family farmers to publicize the food grown and produced in different regions of the country.

“We know that the pandemic impacted daily life in the countryside, with a reduction in demand from restaurants and, consequently, the sale of food from small suppliers. Our intention is to contribute to changing this reality and show, once again, the many essential benefits of being connected,” explained Guimarães.


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