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IBC 2023: TVU Networks introduces native 4K support across its entire live Cloud Ecosystem

IBC 2023: TVU Networks introduces native 4K support across its entire live Cloud Ecosystem

TVU Networks, a pioneer in cloud-based workflow solutions for live content production and distribution, today announced that its end-to-end TVU Cloud Ecosystem for live video production now supports 4K natively, encompassing collaboration, playout and distribution as well as AI-based recording, indexing, and search. The new 4K TVU Cloud Ecosystem will be demonstrated live at the upcoming IBC 2023 Conference in Amsterdam at the TVU Networks booth 5.C28 between September 15th to 18th.

Users can now harness the advantages of the cloud to ingest, process, record, and output in 4K easily and cost-effectively on the TVU platform across all solutions:

TVU Producer - With TVU Producer, users can natively ingest 4K live video to the cloud from virtually any IP video source or VOD content and fully produce the content in 4K including the switching of sources, accessing graphics overlays, and custom PIP configurations to name a few. The finished production can then be simultaneously output to broadcast, OTT, social media, and many other types of content distribution channels in 4K.

TVU Partyline - TVU Partyline enables all members in a remote production environment using TVU 4K devices - technical crews, producers, talent, and guests - to communicate seamlessly in a virtual environment. Users also have access to professional production tools and can collaborate remotely in real time with high quality video, perfectly synchronized audio and video, and mix minus one audio feedback. With a simple shared URL, participants can join Partyline to watch all program feeds live and interact, discuss, control and participate in a production with undetectable latency. Collaboration within Partyline is made possible through the use of TVU’s exclusive Real Time Interactive Layer (RTIL).

TVU Search - TVU Search provides AI-driven live video content ingest and discovery all in the cloud. It features content search capabilities based on advanced AI algorithms and automation, allowing users to locate live or archival feeds or clips for immediate playout, download, or sharing easy and fast. TVU Search offers 24/7 ingest, record and AI based metadata creation indexed to the timecode of 4K content as well as playout or downloading of archived 4K content.

TVU Channel - TVU Channel upends traditional playout. It doesn’t operate on customary infrastructure which can be both expensive and complicated. Instead, TVU Channel can be deployed in minutes to schedule, manage and output one or hundreds of live content channels including OTT, websites, apps and social media all in 4K if desired. TVU Channel supports LIVE and pre-recorded/pre-programmed content. Its intuitive user interface design borrows from familiar web-based calendars making it quick to get started and easy to use. TVU Channel supports dynamic ad insertion with SCTE decoration and can be set to operate continuously 24/7 with no downtime.

TVU Remote Commentator - Professional, high-quality sports and event commentary can be delivered from anywhere with TVU Remote Commentator. On-air talent can call the action from their homes, hotel rooms, offices – wherever there’s an internet connection - using a simple browser-based interface without needing to be at the venue. 4K support is now available for high quality, low-latency commentary that’s 100% in sync with the live program.

TVU Grid - TVU Grid delivers highly scalable point-to-point and point-to-multipoint switching, routing and distribution of live video over IP. It’s used by news agencies and media organizations around the world to share and exchange reliable live broadcast quality video feeds with virtually no latency. TVU Grid can now provide the point-to-point and point-to-multipoint distribution of 4K content using commodity internet.

“We are seeing a growing demand for live 4K production, particularly within sports, entertainment, corporate, and major events. The pivotal consideration of applying 4K in these specific industries revolves around cost effectiveness and flexibility, as the cost and complexity of a traditional 4K production environment is generally not practical,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “The TVU Ecosystem provides a comprehensive array of tools covering the entire spectrum from content acquisition and production to delivery. This empowers the creation of premium live 4K content tailored for various platforms, including live streaming, virtual reality, pop-up channels, and more with a strong emphasis on simplicity and affordability.”

Register at to schedule a demonstration at our booth at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam.

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