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IEC Telecom data transfer system enables disaster relief response, saving lives, time and funds

Transmitting high precision images from the scene of disasters, accidents or emergencies is now possible without incurring huge costs or compromising communications networks, thanks to an innovative new surveillance solution available from IEC Telecom.

Working in partnership with Norway-based visual communications specialist AnsuR Technologies, IEC Telecom is now able to offer a surveillance portfolio, which can enable real-time transfer of video footage or photographs from even the harshest of environments, meaning first responders can share accurate details immediately to convey the scale and detail of a disaster situation, all protected by end-to-end encryption.

The sharing of real-time, high quality video information captured from high precision cameras or sensors in remote locations is often limited due to challenging connectivity environments. Transferring these often large files via satcom can be very slow and use large amounts of bandwidth, making it an expensive operation which compromises the whole communications network.

This new surveillance portfolio from IEC Telecom offers access to clear visual data from a remote site so that complex operations can be managed more efficiently in real-time with efficient collaboration between off-site experts and field personnel.

ASIGN, powered by special integrated protocols that have been developed for low bandwidth environments, means this interactive solution enables users to quickly share low resolution preview images and video clips from the remote location in real-time. Decision-makers can then easily select specific areas of interest to then be transferred in higher resolution, thereby reducing data costs and increasing the efficiency of the bandwidth while maintaining the quality of the data transferred.

Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS at IEC Telecom Group

Designed to deliver real-time video streaming at low data rates, ASMIRA is a specialist software solution that provides the ability for users to optimise the incoming video feed by adjusting bit rate, frame rate, and resolution, thus enabling an efficient high precision transfer. With HD quality at <200kbps and SD quality at 50kbps, this incredible solution is particularly useful for video transfers over satellite.

Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS at IEC Telecom Group, explained: “Our surveillance portfolio, powered by AnsuR, allows you to remain tactical without incurring huge costs. Being able to share situational awareness via a reliable communication system is crucial, particularly during the initial stages of emergency response. This new software does not require heavy set up and can operate even over portable modem, such as Thuraya WE. We understand the importance of timely data in critical situations and are proud to support aid workers with a toolkit, that will not only save time and resources but contribute to the overall success of remote missions.”

Paul Gudonis, Chief Strategy Officer of AnsuR

Paul Gudonis, Chief Strategy Officer of AnsuR commented: “AnsuR’s software solutions were originally developed to support disaster management and it is a use case that sits at the heart of our company ethos. We are thrilled to be partnered with IEC Telecom to bring solutions to the humanitarian community, providing disaster responders and emergency managers with the tools needed to gather and share the real-time imagery in a cost effective and bandwidth efficient manner, thereby enabling them to create an accurate and reliable common operating picture, to prioritise need, to identify gaps and to forecast threat. Together, we can help to save lives, property and protect the environment.”

This innovative offering comes just weeks after IEC Telecom and Thuraya Telecommunications introduced the new capabilities of Thuraya WE, which is a portable communication solution that supports remote missions and ensures operational continuity. Thuraya WE offers access to an incredible range of optimised corporate and welfare apps to bring affordable satcom connectivity to the field even in low bandwidth environments – now, including surveillance capabilities powered by AnsuR. Mr Ben Soussia commented: “Re-equipped with AnsuR the Thuraya WE now offers a tactical advantage to teams in the field.”


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