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IEC Telecom expands Satcom offerings with Intelsat FlexMove

IEC Telecom Group has officially announced a new partnership with Intelsat. With digitalisation on the rise, dependency on always-on connectivity is rising. Corporate and private organisations seek to secure continuity of their operations no matter how remote, whether on the pause or the move. IEC Telecom Group through its multiple offices around the world is ready to meet these requirements as a new solution partner for the Intelsat FlexMove High-Throughput Satellite service.

Renowned for dependable Communications-on-the-Move and Communications-on-the-Pause service, Intelsat operates a Ku-band satellite fleet that ensures reliable connectivity for areas with no or limited GSM coverage and powerful backup solution for urban enterprises.

“We’re excited by the possibilities of FlexMove connectivity and welcome IEC Telecom as a valued FlexMove solutions partner,” says Joel Schroeder, Director for Land Mobile, Intelsat. “IEC Telecom is now offering FlexMove service plans that are sold by the gigabyte (GB) and seamlessly integrate across multiple terminals.”

Intelsat has qualified several state-of-the-art satellite terminals that can be paired up with a FlexMove service plan to support recurring, seasonal, occasional and event-based use. This capability offers unprecedented flexibility to users with large remote operations anywhere. FlexMove is delivered over Starwin and Satcube antennas for stationary use and Kymeta for vehicular use. These compact and portable terminals do not require a complicated set up and can be put into service as soon as required. This makes them especially useful for special missions and humanitarian corps, whose actions depend on the swift response.

“We’re thrilled to expand our portfolio with a new service by Intelsat. In combination with IEC Telecom’s wide range of optimised applications, FlexMove will help our customers to boost productivity, decrease operational expenses and reap the benefits of digitalisation even in the most challenging areas,” explained Erwan Emilian, Partner and Group CEO at IEC Telecom.

20x faster than current mobile satellite solutions, Intelsat FlexMove removes the complexity of dealing with bandwidth availability, saving businesses a significant investment. Optimised applications by IEC Telecom, are designed to deliver bespoke digital services with minor traffic consumption, making them a valuable addition to the Satcom users. Such value-adds include IoT, telemedicine, remote maintenance, Satcom-adapted surveillance, telemedicine, and more.

Dependable Satcom connectivity is the essence of technological advancement. It offers a solution to digital divide, paving the way to a more inclusive and equal society. Ecotone Analytics reports that every $1 invested in digital access creates $2.40 in societal returns, leading to GDP growth and a decrease in social-service spending (Kalmus et al., 2022). The newly established Satcom partnership aims to contribute to this great cause. IEC Telecom’s cross-continental operations powered by Intelsat’s global coverage would unlock new horizons for public and private sectors across the globe.


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