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iKO Media Group and STN announce merger, ushering in new era of broadcast excellence

iKO Media Group and STN announce merger, ushering in new era of broadcast excellence

iKO Media Group (iKOMG) and STN STORITVE (STN) have announced a merger, ushering in a new era of broadcasting excellence. Operating under the banner "Strength in Fusion, Excellence in Broadcasting Solutions," this strategic partnership marks a significant step forward in the industry, underscored by innovation, capability, and customer-centricity.

The merger fuses iKOMG's tailored media solutions with STN's advanced satellite teleport capabilities, expanding the range of services offered to both companies’ valued clients. This union assures an extended suite of solutions, encompassing satellite broadcasting, cloud services, playout management, disaster recovery, OTT platforms, Fiber, IP delivery, sports and events and new age solutions for channel monitoring, streaming to social media and monetization. Through seamless execution and advanced technology, the new group is committed to delivering excellence that exceeds expectations.

"We assure our existing customers that the exceptional service you have come to rely on will not only continue but be enhanced," affirm Shmulik Koren and Shlomi Izkovitz, Co-Founders and Co-Owners of iKOMG. "We value their trust and look forward to extending the same commitment to new customers. This merger enables us to personally tailor solutions that best suit networks and content owners’ evolving needs while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism."

Mitja Lovsin, Co-founder of STN and Co-Owner of iKOMG added, "Following several years of successful and close collaboration between both companies, this merger was the next logical and key step to combine our strengths, resources, and shared vision. We are now even better equipped to build on our trusted quality services and deliver next-generation solutions, that will elevate our customers' business today and beyond. Together, we are stronger, more agile, and poised to lead the company and our clients into a prosperous future."

David Treadway, Chairman of the merged group, concludes, “This merger creates a powerful new client centric organization that is dedicated to market leading solutions for channels, broadcasters and content owners across the sector. It combines the strengths of two highly successful companies and brings about the marriage of innovation and bespoke, tailored services with strength of infrastructure and technology."

The iKOMG-STN merger sets a new precedent in broadcasting solutions which remains dedicated to customer success. Clients can expect enhanced services, innovative offerings, and a steadfast assurance to deliver solutions that empower growth. Operational excellence will remain the merged group’s priority with the 24/7 Network Operations Centers (NOCs) situated in Dob, Slovenia and Rome, Italy ensuring uninterrupted content delivery across IP, Fiber and satellite connections; the dual locations and will provide network resilience, back-up, diverse routing and redundancy. The merged company is committed to partner privacy, confidentiality and safeguarding data.


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