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Illuminate selected for European cyber security contract

Illuminate has been selected to provide cyber security services for a national telecommunications network.

Illuminate will provide its Watchdog cyber intrusion detection and forensic analysis solution for a country wide communication network. Watchdog will monitor, detect and forensically inspect traffic anomalies at points of network interconnect. Watchdog is designed to protect against security vulnerabilities within the legacy communications protocols such as Signaling System 7 (SS7) and the more modern equivalent, Diameter, and in the future on 5G Roaming traffic.

Through a partnership with Illuminate, P1 Security, a leading company in telecom security for more than ten years, will provide Watchdog with all the benefits of its software tools suite, including the PTM telecom signaling IDS and unique VKB database of telecom vulnerabilities.

The unique collaboration between Illuminate and P1 Security enables operators, government agencies and law enforcement to address vulnerabilities in Critical Infrastructure Networks as well as detect attacks at scale, on networks serving tens to hundreds of millions of subscribers and supporting economies of one or several countries at a time. The number of enterprises impacted by the security of these infrastructures is immense and the national security value derived from such level of protection brings nation-states to the forefront of information and technology security.

“We are honored to have been chosen to protect this national communications network,” said Dr. Iain Goodfellow, Managing Director, Illuminate. “Illuminate has spent decades working in the network assurance space and has developed significant experience in identifying unusual behavior in networks, and as a result, we are perfectly positioned to deliver this cyber security capability into this telecommunications network.”

Watchdog provides the strongest protection from cyber threats which could cause, for example, denial of service, voice and message redirect or financial fraud. Watchdog can identify when anomalous activity is taking place within the network and flag these malicious activities that firewalls may miss, since many threats coming through the interconnects are at levels of tremendous sophistication. Watchdog leverages cutting-edge machine learning techniques that can help to identify precursor events which could indicate future threats even before they occur.

Watchdog features:

  • Designed to detect traffic anomalies in the SS7 and Diameter Interconnect, using P1 Security’s signaling monitoring solution

  • Utilizes machine learning techniques to identify threats

  • Can adapt to changing threat techniques as attacks become more sophisticated, such as cross-protocol attacks and firewall bypass strategies

  • Complements existing firewall solutions to offer enhanced network security

  • Scales from private networks all the way up to national carriers

  • Has an ability to undertake live monitoring as well as forensic analysis of events.

More information on Watchdog can be found at .


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