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Indonesian telecoms provider installs long distance ViaLiteHD RF over fiber system

One of the largest telecommunications providers in Indonesia now benefits from the ViaLiteHD Long Distance DWDM Link System. ViaLite Communications was chosen due to the company’s ability to supply a reliable system with guaranteed performance.


The system was designed to meet specific requirements provided by the customer that matched the predicted results generated by ViaLite’s software design tool.

Having teleports tens or hundreds of kilometers apart, in regions where rain fade and diversity operations are key considerations, allows the telecommunications provider to maintain satellite connectivity from either of their sites. With High Throughput Satellite (HTS) connectivity becoming a prerequisite where 500MHz and 800MHz bandwidths are necessary, ViaLite was able to exceed HTS bandwidth requirements using their long distance links.

Some of the key features of this deployment include switchable fiber routes to allow for optical fiber redundancy and SNMP monitoring of both sides of the link from a single control room, enabling remote changes to be made easily without the need to travel between sites.

Vialite' System Designer tool

“Despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team was able to support the installation using remote logins and by providing guidance with local engineers on site. The fully operational diverse system was installed across a long distance with redundant switchable paths, and was tuned to meet performance specifications remotely,” said Amair Khan, ViaLite’s Business Development Manager. “We managed to not only assist installation of the system remotely but also train staff in the operation of the system at the same time.”

The customer said that the equipment was straightforward to implement and easily fine-tuned to improve performance as required on site.


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