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Industry experts discuss how the space industry is changing at RAeS President’s Conference

Leaders from the space industry discussed how new players within the space sector are changing the game and providing novel data sets that are adding value to global remote sensing and earth observation capabilities at the Royal Aeronautical Society President’s Conference on Tuesday.

This year’s conference is centred around the theme of New Space, with a series of panels, exhibitions and talks focused on recent developments within the industry and the future benefits space can provide across Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th October.

Satellite Vu’s CEO Anthony Baker hosted Tuesday’s headline panel on ‘What new space can do for you?’, featuring industry experts Deborah Humphreville, Head of EMEA for Orbital Insight, David Balson, Director of Space Security, Risk and Resilience for HEO Robotics, and Oliver Zhu, Vice President of Kayrros.

Opening the panel, Anthony Baker, CEO and Founder of Satellite Vu, called for further awareness of commercial remote sensing and derivatives of the data, saying: “New Space is developing at a rapid pace, with novel applications being developing by New Space actors such as the members of the panel we have invited here today. We are making remote sensing relevant to the public, to governments and to businesses by putting customer challenges at the heart and centre of our product development.”

“This next space race that we are seeing within the industry is game changing, with novel applications around industrial monitoring and supply chain intelligence already supporting customers to address their global challenges.”


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