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Inmarsat makes pledge to the ITU Partner2Connect digital Coalition

Since its launch in late 2021, the Partner2Connect Coalition (P2C) has been preparing to mobilize resources, through partnerships, to ensure meaningful connectivity to everyone everywhere, including the critical work to support people in developing nations faced with natural and man-made disasters, and the governments and humanitarian agencies working to connect them.

As the meeting of the Industry Advisory Group on Development Issues and the Private Sector Chief Regulatory Officers takes place today – to discuss the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition – Inmarsat is announcing that it is donating $1.2 million of satellite airtime to P2C. This donation will help further the goal of ‘Connecting People Everywhere’, as the reliability of satellite communication technology continues to prove pivotal in disaster preparedness, recovery, and response.

The Partner2Connect Coalition is a multi-stakeholder alliance launched by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to foster meaningful connectivity and digital transformation, even in the hardest-to-connect communities. They recognise that the key to this progress is through meaningful partnerships.

The Coalition’s goals – connecting people everywhere, empowering communities, and building digital ecosystems – strongly resonate with Inmarsat’s own.

Satellite technologies enable humanitarian workers to construct emergency telecom centres in minutes, optimise emergency aid processes through the provision of satcom connectivity, enhance their security in danger zones, and provide instant connections regardless of damaged or congested terrestrial networks – significantly contributing to the Coalition’s goal of connecting people everywhere.

Donna Bethea-Murphy, Senior Vice President Global Regulatory, Inmarsat: “We’re thrilled to make this pledge and continue our partnership with the Partner2Connect Coalition, to help them achieve their goal to connect people everywhere. The pledge announced today will help ensure that our satellite technology can be used to achieve meaningful connectivity to everyone everywhere.”

Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau: “I thank Inmarsat for the generous contribution in support of ITU disaster relief efforts with a pledge through the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition. The Coalition is a game-changing opportunity for the ICT sector to take a holistic approach, catalyze new partnerships, and mobilize the resources needed to connect those who are still offline. I am calling on all players to step up and help us connect those 2.9 billion that are unconnected. We simply cannot wait for another pandemic. I welcome this pledge towards Partner2Connect and I look forward to welcoming many more soon so that we can truly 'Partner2Connect the World'.”

Looking ahead, Inmarsat will be attending the Partner2Connect roundtable, set to take place during the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) from 6-22 June. The event considers topics, projects, and programmes relevant to telecommunication development, providing future direction and guidance.


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