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INTEGRASYS launches Starlink Network Management system

INTEGRASYS launches LEO NMS control and management of NGSOs, including but not limited to Starlink with centralized redundant cloud infrastructure to accommodate the automation and AI portal to ease and operate a well-managed network providing uptime/downtime, speeds, QoS, SLA (Service Level Agreement) metrics per dish or terminal. 

LEO NMS is a web-based and multi-user tool to facilitate the orchestration, management, and maintenance of LEO, MEO, and GEO constellations to operate seamlessly and calculate and report network metrics integration with FlexCap and INTEGRASYS Enterprise Management & Control to close the loop with HTS, VHTS or other multi-orbit networks for maximizing customers visibility of their Mbits play activity deactivating or invoicing new and existing customers. 

Starlink has been disrupting satcom technology and services becoming the standard in multi-application and traditional industry has been forced to cross-sell Starlink dishes to keep their customers. Now they can do so, and monetize, and have significantly more control on their network with LEO NMS. 

LEON NMS is a disruptive technology for multi-orbit service and networks for ensuring a conscious satellite network performance and visibility agnostic to customers as well as saving time, resources managing the links, and effort. The tool counts with an API for Machine-to-machine automation and can be purchased CAPEX on a dedicated server or OPEX in the cloud as a subscription plan.

“We at INTEGRASYS are glad to release this new technology based on customer requests based on issues they had and solutions we can provide with our knowhow; at INTEGRASYS we truly listen to our customers to guide our roadmap,” said Alvaro Sanchez, CEO at INTEGRASYS.

Note: LEO NMS will be demoed at Satellite Show INTEGRASYS booth 1303.

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