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INTEGRASYS opens new office in Australia, expanding presence across the five continents

Continuing with the expansion, INTEGRASYS founded INTEGRASYS Australia and opens the new Australian facility at 2 Park Street, Sydney, New South Wales, the central business district of Sydney. INTEGRASYS Australia will be managed by our newly appointed Australia Sales Director, Erik Sorlie.

INTEGRASYS office in Sydney (Australia)

INTEGRASYS has invested in having local offices worldwide, to be closer to its customers to proving better support, and customization, and to enable new services quicker and easier in any of the markets locally.

The software company has accomplished its goal for 2022 organic growth to have presence in the 5 continents. INTEGRASYS sees great business as well as major potential in Australia, due to its multiple customers in the area, as well as the defense projects happening in the short-term, such as JP9102.

The state-of-the-art facility is at 2 Park Street, Sydney, New South Wales, NSW 2000. The direction taken by the company is outright, the final goal is serving its customers’ demands, understanding in depth the market, and providing adaptable solutions to potential customers as products as a service, and custom projects taking into account the new market needs. Additionally, to this need, Integrasys is committed to growing the company in NSW with a new team of Australian engineers who can develop new technologies within Australia.

Erik Sorlie, INTEGRASYS' Australia Sales Director

"This year we have already opened two new offices, Luxembourg and now Sydney, both are bringing a lot of attention as we see that the markets are demanding different technologies, where we can develop globally for our global and local partners, bringing faster timely functionalities and solutions to serve the demand.

We are glad to count on Erik Sorlin, to manage the Australian Market and the Australian office where we already have many customers in Australia and adjacent countries, but we are sure that the potential of the market will bring us new opportunities and new adventures” says Alvaro Sanchez CEO at INTEGRASYS.


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