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Intelsat expands in-flight connectivity with huge order for Gilat's SkyEdge IV Taurus Modems

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions, and services, announced today that Intelsat is expanding its in-flight connectivity (IFC) capabilities with a strategic multimillion-dollar order for Gilat’s SkyEdge IV Taurus modems.

SkyEdge IV Taurus is an ultra-high-performance modem for IFC designed to provide Wi-Fi internet and IPTV for passengers on commercial airlines, regional aircraft and business jets. Taurus is backward compatible, thus preserving past investments with the proven SkyEdge II-c platform, already deployed globally. This will enable Intelsat to continue to deliver high-quality IFC capabilities to its customers and an enhanced user experience, as well as to make a strategic move to embrace new technologies, such as those offered in the SkyEdge IV platform.

SkyEdge IV, launched earlier this month by Gilat, is a scalable, next-generation software-centric SATCOM ground system optimized for multi-orbit constellations and very high throughput satellites (VHTS). Gilat’s SkyEdge IV Elastix Access Scheme enables high availability and superior operational efficiencies using adaptive transmission technologies to support a variety of IFC solutions using Taurus modems on different types of aircraft on a single network.

“Giving our customers the ability to provide air travelers the ultimate in-flight online experience is very important to us here at Intelsat. That’s why we continue to work with Gilat and are embracing their Taurus aero modem solution as a key element in our IFC offering,” said Dave Bijur, senior vice president of Commercial Aviation at Intelsat. “With Taurus enhancing our in-flight capabilities, we stand ready to capture a larger share of the resurgent IFC market.”

“It is precisely these passenger needs that are supported by SkyEdge IV Taurus, which enables delivery of reliable, high-performance connectivity solutions to air travelers. At this time, when the global IFC market is poised to rebound, more and more travelers will be relying on Intelsat, operator of one of the world’s largest integrated IFC satellite networks,” said Amir Yafe, VP of Mobility & Global Accounts at Gilat. “We value our close partnership with Intelsat and are pleased to take part in this endeavor to expand their network with Gilat’s Taurus modems and our new SkyEdge IV platform."


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