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International Telecommunications Union extends regulatory filings for Ovzon 3 orbital position

The Radio Regulations Board (RRB) of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has on March 27, 2023, announced their approval of an extension of the regulatory time limits to Bring Into Use (BIU) the regulatory filings for the orbital position intended for the Ovzon 3 satellite.

The RRB has extended the BIU time limit to December 31, 2023, which allows Ovzon to continue planning for the placement of the Ovzon 3 satellite in the 59.7° East orbital position. The extension is required in view of the previously announced (Feb 3, 2023) rescheduling of the Ovzon 3 launch. This supports a launch within the first part of the current launch window of July – September 2023. A launch occurring late in the announced window may require additional approvals from the RRB. Ovzon is continuously engaged with the satellite manufacturer (Maxar) and launch provider (SpaceX) to finalize and launch the satellite.

“We are pleased with the decision of the RRB, and we will continue to engage in every detail impacting the manufacturing and launch schedule of the Ovzon 3 satellite. We will make every effort to ensure our regulatory approvals are synchronized with the timing of our upcoming launch. We remain keenly focused on all actions required to bring the Ovzon 3 satellite’s unique capabilities into orbit.” says Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon.

The ITU is a specialized agency of the United Nations that regulates and administers the international use of radio frequencies, coverage areas, and priorities for the global fleet of satellites. Ovzon has spectrum assignments registered with the ITU in twelve orbital locations on the geostationary arc. The approvals by the RRB were specific to the filings for the orbital position at 59.7° East.


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