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IQ spacecom technology equips Israel's Beresheet2 mission to the moon

SpaceIL is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting science and science education. In April 2019, SpaceIL became the first private organization in history to reach the moon, securing Israel's position as the seventh entity that entered lunar orbit and the fourth country that touched the moon by a lander – Beresheet. Beresheet2 is Israel's second Lunar Mission, comprising of one orbiter and two landers. In addition to the technological challenge itself, Beresheet2 is associated to an educational program that will inspire today's students who may become tomorrow's scientists and engineers. The Beresheet2 mission also serves various important scientific experiments.

With many years of experience as a provider of satellite communication solutions, the product division IQ spacecom is committed to providing flexible and highly efficient broadband data communication by utilizing a cost-effective approach and maintaining a high technological standard. For more than 15 years, providing customized solutions has been one of the core competencies of the company.

The XLink SDR platform is one of IQ spacecom’s core products, known for its wide range of applications in X-, S- and L-band. Its small size and light weight make it suitable for both small CubeSats as well as larger satellites and rovers, such as in the upcoming Beresheet2 mission. As part of this groundbreaking mission, XLink will provide communications between the orbiter and the landers as well as between one of the landers and Earth. The XLink SDR platform's unparalleled reliability and radiation resistance make it the ideal solution for the mission starting in 2025.

IQ spacecom’s CTO Mathias Reibe said, "With long-term experience in building customized solutions, we are proud to contribute to this groundbreaking mission and look forward to further exploring new horizons with our communication technologies. We are excited to be working with such an enthusiastic and experienced team at SpaceIL to discover the Moon and its orbit together.”

"We are thrilled to partner with IQ spacecom and utilize their SDR solution for the Beresheet2 lunar mission. Our collaboration with IQ spacecom will enable us to achieve successful lunar landings on both the near and far side of the Moon in our upcoming ambitious mission," expressed Shimon Sarid, CEO of SpaceIL.


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