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JAXA startup Tenchijin adds similarity analysis to its free land evaluation application COMPASS

Tenchijin COMPASS is a web-based land evaluation application which analyzes characteristics and risks of various locations by using satellite data and AI. It supports its users by searching for optimal business locations in industries such as agriculture, urban development, infrastructure management, energy, and carbon credit.

Tenchijin COMPASS is regularly upgraded by adding new functionalities. Tenchijin COMPASS users can use the similarity analysis function to compare any two locations in the world by analyzing their characteristics such as land surface temperature and rainfall data. The users can search for optimal locations to cultivate specific crops, install renewable energy facilities, find comfortable places to live, and much more.

Tenchijin COMPASS users can calculate the degree of similarity between two specific locations. The users can select the criteria to calculate the degree of similarity such as its comparison period, day/night land surface temperature, and precipitation. To ensure higher accuracy, Tenchijin COMPASS users are recommended to specify a comparison period of at least a year long.

Usage example:

  • Identify one optimal location anywhere in the world to grow a specific crop

  • Identify multiple potential locations in your vicinity to grow the crop

  • Compare the locations using the Tenchijin COMPASS similarity analysis function

  • Filter out locations with lower degree of similarity and select the optimal location

Tenchijin COMPASS can be used for free by creating an account on the Tenchijin website.


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