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JAXA startup Tenchijin releases free land evaluation web application using satellite data

Tenchijin COMPASS enables people who have never used satellite data before to analyze, visualize data, and experience the power of satellite data.

The use of satellite data has been attracting attention, but it has tended to have an image of being expensive and difficult to handle. Therefore, Tenchijin, Inc., a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) -recognized startup, has been supporting the use of satellite data to solve problems in a wide range of industries such as agriculture, renewable energy, natural disaster, urban planning, and global warming.

Tenchijin has released a free version of Tenchijin COMPASS - a land evaluation engine which enables users who have never used satellite data before to get easy-to-use and processed data in a timely manner. Tenchijin COMPASS collects, analyzes, and visualizes Big Data from various sources (satellites, ground), of varieties (weather, soil, geographical features, etc.), and in various spectral ranges (optical, radar, infrared, etc.). These data are prepared in an environment where users can immediately analyze the data without having to collect and post-process them.

Many users of traditional geographic information systems have issues with response speed. Tenchijin COMPASS can provide high display speed with its unique algorithm. Tenchijin COMPASS has been used by many users such as agriculture companies, renewable energy development companies, projects of environmental issues, etc. Those customers highly praised it as a "fast map rendering speed" and as "smooth usability”.

Tenchijin COMPASS will provide the following functions for free.

  • Map display: Global map and images

  • Overlay function: Visualizing several layers of information at once

  • Weather data: Showing weather data of selected areas

  • Note: Writing a note on selected points

  • File import: Importing map files

By using them, users can compare weather data from around the world and manage field information.

Additional functions will be added in the future and Tenchijin COMPASS will be provided as a subscription service. Some of the new functions will be available for free.


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