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Kacific recognised with two awards at PTC ‘22

Kacific’s contributions to telecommunications throughout the Asia Pacific region have been recognised by the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) with two awards presented at PTC’22.

Artist impression of Kacific1 in orbit

Outstanding Support for PTC’s Vision and Mission

This award was granted to Kacific for creating, developing, and implementing ICT solutions benefiting the Pacific region – especially the less developed Pacific islands, in alignment with PTC’s vision of a better world, where people and organizations are connected through the innovative use of information and communication technologies.

Outstanding Satellite Company

This award, as part of the network and network-centric solutions category, was contested by companies offering LEO, MEO, and GEO satellite services across the region. Kacific’s innovative portfolio of products, reliable and high quality of service was recognized by PTC.

Solving the endemic lack of affordable broadband

Kacific’s submission noted that just 20% of people across the Asia Pacific region have access to usable internet. Kacific has used proven space technologies to help solve this endemic lack of affordable broadband, driving economic growth, bringing connectivity to schools and clinics.

Kacific has reduced the cost of connectivity in our regions by more than 40% with the launch of Kacific1. Kacific has lowered the cost per GB well below the affordability targets set by ITU.

VSAT terminal for Kacific services

Working in partnership with GuarantCo, Kacific secured assistance from the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) Technical Assistance to fund national COVID-19 responses and empowered remote communities with low-cost, high throughput satellite broadband by launching healthcare clinic projects.

These initiatives enabled enterprises, governments, and citizens throughout the region to fully embrace the digital economy and participate in the connected world.

Accepting the award, Kacific CEO Christian Patouraux said: “Launching our first satellite in 2019 was a transformational moment for Kacific, and we have spent the last two years locking in the value created. We set out to make high-speed internet affordable for underserved markets.”

“Today we have become the largest Ka-band operator in the Pacific. This award is an honor and a validation of our vision, mission, and business.”