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Kayhan Space amps up executive team ahead of advanced collision avoidance suite rollout

Kayhan Space announced today it has named Matthew Shouppe as Chief Commercial Officer to lead sales, marketing and product strategy for the company. The announcement comes as Kayhan Space prepares to expand its product offerings in response to an increasingly congested space operating environment.

Matthew Shouppe, Kayhan's new Chief Commercial Officer

Shouppe brings more than 13 years of industry experience in the highly specialized area of sales and product development for astrodynamics-based software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications supporting satellite owner-operators. He joins Kayhan Space direct from LeoLabs, where he served as Senior Director of Commercial Space and gained industry-unique expertise leading sales and product strategy for the company’s services for constellation operators, including tracking a growing database of satellites and space debris in Low Earth Orbit.

Prior to LeoLabs, Shouppe led sales for a.i. solutions’ commercial FreeFlyer software for space mission design, analysis, and operations, where he worked with commercial and government customers including NASA and the US Air Force.

Shouppe will play an integral role in the product development, sales, and successful customer adoption of Kayhan Space’s cloud-based software solutions, including its flagship Pathfinder™ space traffic management platform, which is already utilized by hundreds of satellites in space. Pathfinder collects and fuses space object data from various sources, leverages precise orbit prediction algorithms to determine upcoming conjunction events or potential collisions with high accuracy.

“Matthew is joining Kayhan Space at an exciting and important time,” said Siamak Hesar, Kayhan Space Co-Founder and CEO. “He will be an integral part of our team as we advance and scale our expanding lineup of space traffic management and coordination capabilities to enable satellite operators to navigate through busy orbits more safely and effectively.”

“I’m thrilled to join the leadership team at Kayhan Space as Chief Commercial Officer,” Shouppe said. “The company is incredibly well positioned for significant growth and customer adoption of its services for collision avoidance via autonomous maneuver decision-making and operator coordination. They are developing real, practical frameworks and solutions for space traffic management - something our industry desperately needs.”

Shouppe will be expanding the Kayhan Space team and product set to meet the urgent needs of satellite operators and the space economy by reducing the risks associated with operating and orbiting key assets in congested space.


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