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Kayhan Space names space policy expert Sita Sonty as Strategic Advisor

As the economy in space and on Earth increasingly relies on safe and sustainable operations in busy orbits, Kayhan Space is developing breakthrough technologies and collaborating with experts around the world to enable a new era of spaceflight safety.

Sita Sonty, Kayhan Space Strategic Advisor

Kayhan Space, a leading developer and provider of spaceflight safety platforms, today announced it has appointed seasoned space industry executive S. Sita Sonty as a strategic advisor to the company, which is laser focused on innovative collision avoidance and launch security solutions. Sonty is Partner and Associate Director in the Aerospace, Defense and Public Sector practices of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

An international expert in space policy, Sonty led the human spaceflight program at SpaceX, where she executed the first private sales on a Crew Dragon mission to Lower Earth Orbit and to the International Space Station. She also guided the global market strategy for Starlink’s expansion as the next-generation telecom market offering.

“We are thrilled to welcome Sita Sonty as a strategic advisor and to garner her exceptional experience and knowledge in commercial and government space programs in support of our comprehensive roadmap of spaceflight safety solutions and upcoming innovations,” said Siamak Hesar, Kayhan Space CEO and Co-Founder. “In light of the market’s enthusiastic response to our autonomous collision avoidance and secure RPO platforms, Sita’s insight and expertise will absolutely play an integral role in the next-level success and growth of our innovative product suite and global footprint.”

“I am deeply honored to partner with the Kayhan Space team that is laser focused on enabling a new era of spaceflight safety that will allow the economy in space and on Earth to reach its full potential,” said Sita Sonty, space industry veteran and newly appointed strategic advisor for Kayhan Space. “In-space mobility, launch security, conjunction assessment and collision avoidance capabilities are ethical imperatives for a safe, sustainable space, and we all owe it to each other to collaborate in every way we can to protect collective assets and support commercial and government endeavors. Kayhan’s Pathfinder and Eagle autonomous spaceflight safety platforms are already playing a critical role in protecting satellite constellations and global lifelines of connectivity, and I’m thrilled to be involved in the company’s new innovations and exceptional growth.”

Kayhan Space recently announced its next-gen Pathfinder spaceflight safety platform to enable satellite and mission operators to better manage operational risks and make preemptive manoeuvres based on precise analytics to avoid pileups in space. Capella Space, Globalstar, and Lynk Global are among an initial group of leading operators using Kayhan’s subscription-based, autonomous Pathfinder platform that was officially rolled out for general availability last month.

Sonty will bring a wealth of aerospace product development and industry regulatory experience to the Kayhan Space mission, including key positions with Raytheon and the Sierra Nevada Corporation where she directed a broad range of initiatives, from national security and policy frameworks to risk mitigation and supply chain.

The Kayhan Space roadmap encompasses a comprehensive suite of spaceflight safety software solutions that bring autonomy to the full mission lifecycle – from launch and on-orbit collision avoidance and RPO maneuvers to deorbiting and decommissioning the spacecraft.


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