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Kourou space operations center advances comms performance using ViaLite HWDR links

ViaLite’s Hyper Wide Dynamic Range (HWDR) links are providing enhanced performance at a teleport operations center in Kourou in South America. The L-Band HTS - HWDR links are being used to transfer high-speed data in LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase) operations.

ViaLite L-Band HTS HWDR S1 Link

The industry-leading links support frequencies between 400-2500 MHz while offering a Spurious-Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) of up to 115 dB/Hz2/3. This represents an extra 4 dB performance with the HWDR links above the standard ViaLiteHD product and makes it possible to detect signals much more clearly near to the noise floor of the system.

“By allowing customers to improve intermodulation performance and detect much smaller signals, space operational requirements can be catered for much more easily,” said ViaLite Business Development Manager, Amair Khan.

Teleports around the world are appreciating the benefit of this improved SFDR and are standardizing on the higher performing L-Band links for normal satellite teleport operations. Being able to support 500, 800 or even 1500 MHz of bandwidth allows teleport customers to reduce their capital investment instead of purchasing multiple links which work only with smaller bandwidths.

The links can be either plug-in or blind mate and are completely plug and play, enabling simple installation. To ensure five nines reliability, they are available in a full 1:1 redundancy configuration, in both rack mount and outdoor enclosures, using ViaLite splitters and switches.


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