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Kratos announces Visionary Sponsorship at Creative Disruptors in the Desert conference

Kratos Erinyes

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions is proud to announce the Company will be a Visionary Sponsor of Creative Disruptors in the Desert, The Creative Defense Foundation’s inaugural conference to be hosted in La Quinta, CA, from February 23-24, 2024. Creative Disruptors in the Desert will bring together National Security leaders, US entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and innovative technology companies like Kratos to address the institutional, cultural, policy, and legal barriers impeding innovators from bringing their technologies, speed, agility, and cost effectiveness to US National Security.

Creative Disruptors in the Desert is a conference for intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial industry and government leaders who recognize that a dramatic transformation is needed to secure US National Security competitiveness, which perfectly aligns with Kratos’ mission. Kratos has sponsored Creative Disruptors in the Desert at the highest available level to promote critical conversations between government and industry about leading-edge technical solutions to support our national defense.

Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie

“Kratos is the established, trusted, proven, affordable disruptor,” said Eric DeMarco, President and CEO of Kratos. “As a technology company in the defense and national security industry, Kratos has approached innovation and product development with a venture mindset and first-to-market approach and rather than wait on development contracts, Kratos invests our own funding into designing actual products and systems up front for successful rapid, large quantity, low-cost future manufacturing. We’re proud to be known as an innovative disruptive change agent in the industry, a competitive differentiator to our large traditional prime system integrator partners and government and commercial customers.”

Kratos is a technology, products, system, and software company addressing the defense, national security, and commercial markets. Kratos makes true internally funded research, development, capital and other investments, to rapidly design, develop, produce, and field solutions that address our customers’ mission critical needs and requirements. At Kratos, affordability is a technology, and we utilize proven, leading-edge approaches and technology versus unproven bleeding edge approaches or technology, with Kratos’ approach reducing cost, schedule and risk, and enabling us to be first to market with cost effective solutions.

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