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Kratos & Clearbox Systems partner to develop advanced satellite ground & space awareness solutions

Updated: May 25, 2023

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions and Clearbox Systems Pty Ltd have signed a collaboration agreement to co-develop and co-market solutions to advance the capabilities of software-defined satellite ground systems.

As part of the agreement, Clearbox will integrate its flagship Foresight product to run seamlessly on Kratos’ OpenSpace®dynamic ground platform. Foresight provides a unified user interface across essential ground functions including equipment monitoring and control, spectrum monitoring and network management. Foresight can be deployed on physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure and, being web-based, can be accessed by users on any workstations connected on the network. It is trusted by militaries, governments, satellite operators and commercial users large and small in Australia and globally in deployments ranging across SATCOM, ISREW, Crypto, OSS and Space Domain Awareness (SDA).

Foresight’s web-based, modular, distributed and open architecture makes it a natural application for running in the software-defined satellite network environments enabled by OpenSpace, the first and only commercially available virtual and orchestrated satellite ground system. OpenSpace enables satellite and network operators to fully support next-generation satellites, dynamically provision services and missions, and integrate far better with the networks used by global terrestrial and cellular communications providers.

“We have been highly successful working with Kratos in the past and are extremely excited to be expanding that relationship moving forward,” said Matthew Collins-Leslie, CEO & Managing Director of Clearbox. “With this agreement we will be working together to develop new, advanced solutions for the global market.”

As part of the agreement, Clearbox will integrate Foresight with OpenSpace and enhance the product to take advantage of OpenSpace’s unique dynamic operating capabilities. In addition, the two companies will work together to co-market each other’s products, Clearbox representing OpenSpace to its Australian customers and Kratos marketing Foresight globally. Clearbox will also become Kratos’ primary representative in Australia for opportunities incorporating systems engineering, installation and support for several of Kratos’ other space networking products. Both companies will also work together to deliver SDA solutions that combine Clearbox’s SpaceAware product and sensors with Kratos’ global RF signal monitoring SDA network.


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