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Kymeta ships first flat panel antennas for OneWeb’s LEO network

Kymeta has announced at SATELLITE 2023 that they completed the first shipment of its electronically steered Hawk™ u8 OneWeb LEO terminal, through its partnership with OneWeb (, the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company. Kymeta is the first to commercially deliver electronically steered user terminals for OneWeb's LEO network. Kymeta is continuing to ramp its production to meet the overwhelming pent-up demand.

With the vast unmet demands for ubiquitous broadband and growth in portable and mobile communications requirements across major industries globally, Kymeta and OneWeb’s partnership aims to fill these needs. Kymeta user terminals are available for fixed applications and will soon be available for communications on the move for land and sea. Today’s commercial milestone marks the beginning of new solutions and opportunities to better serve the needs of customers around the world.

“The satellite industry is entering an exciting new era, as every major industry from agriculture to defense can increasingly tap mobile broadband as an efficient and effective means to transform their operations,” said Walter Berger, President and Co-CEO, Kymeta. “The race to capitalize on the opportunity will be won by a group relay, not a single-company sprint. Partnerships such as our ongoing collaboration with OneWeb, along with Kymeta’s investments and innovation, will accelerate new applications to connect industries on Earth to capacity in space.”

Speaking about the new milestone with Kymeta, OneWeb CEO Neil Masterson added “We know there is palpable demand for flat panel, small, lightweight, easy to use, low power terminals. Kymeta’s u8 terminal gives our customers an exciting new choice of terminal for reliable, efficient connectivity to our LEO network.”

Widely adopted by military, government and enterprise customers, Kymeta offers the world’s only high-bandwidth, low-power, fully integrated family of high throughput mobile terminals. OneWeb’s LEO satellite network will give Kymeta customers access to high-speed, low-latency broadband connectivity while on the move or while stationary, anywhere in the world.

Following this announcement, Kymeta and OneWeb will demonstrate the solution across remote locations in the UK and via a roadshow in Canada.


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