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Laser beam steering with high-speed voice-coil 2-axis mirrors for laser control, communication

PI (Physik Instrumente) is extending its offering for fast laser beam steering applications. The new V-931 two-axis fast laser beam steering mirror platform (FSM) is based on a frictionless, precision flexure guiding mechanism, with differential voice-coil linear motor actuators and optical feedback for accurate closed-loop angular position control with micro-radian precision. The compact, durable design produces a laser beam deflection angle to 8° in theta-X and theta-Y, with symmetrical motion characteristics delivered by its parallel kinematics design. The angular resolution of the standard model is 1µrad (higher resolution models are available). The two orthogonal tip/tilt axes share a common center of rotation, providing significantly better performance, free of polarization rotation issues, while reducing package size, compared to older designs based on stacking two individual scanning axes.

Laser and Imaging Applications in Industry and Space Applications

PI has a long track record of designing fast precision mechanisms for laser scanning, optical communications, and image stabilization for industrial, astronomy, and aerospace projects. A PI piezo steering mirror is currently on board the NASA/ESA Solar Orbiter Satellite orbiting the sun. PI precision motion equipment is also embedded in the Curiosity Mars rover and the new Perseverance rover.


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