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Launch of Unseenlabs' fourth satellite: Creating most advanced RF signal interception constellation

Unseenlabs, the European leader in satellite-based radio frequency (RF) geolocation of ships at sea, has successfully deployed the fourth satellite in its fleet. Tuesday morning at 1:47 a.m. UTC (3:47 a.m. French time), Arianespace's VEGA launch vehicle placed Unseenlabs' BRO-4 (Breizh Reconnaissance Orbiter-4) nano-satellite into a sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of (approximately) 551 km, via Flight VV19.

Unseenlabs, a pioneering French new space start-up, successfully launched its first satellite (BRO-1) in August 2019. Two years later, it now has the most advanced constellation in its field. In effect, the company is building a constellation of satellites dedicated to radiofrequency geolocation that allows customers to monitor and track signals from ships at sea. Applications range from providing shipping companies with up-to-date vessel position data, to providing governments with tools to fight illegal fishing.

Unseenlabs’ service performance is increased several-fold with each new launch. The successful launch of BRO-4 again confirms the leading status of the French company. Unseenlabs said on April 27 that it had raised 20 million euros to help it grow its constellation to between 20 and 25 satellites by 2025.

This fourth launch also confirms European know-how: by choosing to collaborate with the French group Arianespace, Unseenlabs sends a powerful message to all the players in the new space and European aerospace industries. Collaborations of this kind must be encouraged over the next few years to guarantee Europe's sovereignty in this field.


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