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LeoStella manufactures and delivers its twentieth Satellite

LeoStella delivered its third satellite to Loft Orbital Solutions. The spacecraft is the 20th satellite manufactured by LeoStella since its formation in 2019.

This latest satellite was modeled on LeoStella’s LS-100 bus platform and delivered to Loft Orbital. Loft Orbital extended its production agreement with LeoStella to secure additional satellites in support of Loft’s mission to provide a reliable path to orbit for any payload for its customers.

“LeoStella is a trusted and proven satellite-bus provider,” said Pierre-Damien Vaujour, CEO of Loft Orbital. “LeoStella’s commercial-off-the-shelf satellite buses help streamline our production timeline. Coupled with our technologies, we’re able to provide our customers with a fast and simple path to orbit.”

LeoStella satellites have a cumulative on-orbit heritage of more than 31 years, reinforcing its reputation for providing high-mission availability to commercial and government customers.

“We’re proud of our ongoing relationship with Loft Orbital and their strategy of partnering with best-in-class bus providers,” said Tim Kienberger, CEO of LeoStella. “Our team manufactured and delivered another spacecraft in less than 13 months from the time of contract extension. Our production line's efficiency and commitment to on-time delivery are significant for Loft Orbital in meeting their customers' needs.”

The standardization of LeoStella’s small satellite bus enables the company to reduce production costs and timelines to deliver spacecraft efficiently and economically. LeoStella’s satellite buses are known for their versatility and ability to support multiple types of payloads without the added time required for mission-specific configuration.


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